Welcome – pull up a chair.

Here is the content of the original welcome page – which my neighbors would have received through their letter box if things hadn’t moved on.




If you are here now, you’ve probably read the leaflet I pushed through your door. Thanks for your interest. Follow the menu above for more information, and easier to access links. Please register interest with BT, and sign my petition (see menu above)

If, alternatively, you have come here via a search engine, and are still interested, read the information below first (which is what I posted through my neighbours doors) :-) .


I’m Tony Collins from 60 Fields Road, and this message is to ask support for something that affects all of us. I’ll bullet the next points so as to take up as little of your time as possible.

All the information below, and all relevant internet links can also be found on the website I have set up (address at the top of this page)

  • BT Openreach are currently upgrading the Alsager exchange for next generation broadband, (so called “Fibre to the Cabinet” – FTTC – BT Advertises this as “Infinity Broadband”) and installing the equipment needed in the roadside cabinets.
  • This will bring broadband speeds approximately 4 times faster than the best that can be achieved in Alsager so far, and probably 12 to 20 times faster than the average.
  • The bad news is, we are being left out. Cabinet 8 (you can see it onSandbach Road Southopposite the end ofFields Road, between the clinic, and the small yellow ABF building) is not in the current plans to have the necessary equipment installed.
  • This will impact all homes in postcode ST7 2LX, and some homes from neighbouring postcodes.
  • BT will not enter into any discussion about why this is, or communicate when or even if there will be a future upgrade.
  • Even if you are not interested in Broadband internet, this will still affect you. There is growing evidence that availability of high speed broadband has an impact on property prices. (see links below for evidence of this)
  • This will (in my opinion) particularly be the case when we are a small island without FTTC in a whole town which has it.
  • The picture overleaf shows flags on all the postcodes in Alsager which ARE in the current plans. ST7 2LX is left out.
  • Much more detail about this situation, including relevant links and referenced information is available from my website (address above)

OK – if you’ve read this far and are not interested, then feel free to drop this leaflet in the recycling – and no hard feelings.

If on the other hand, you are still with me (thanks!) and would like to help me influence BT to give us access to FTTC then read on, and remember, all the links can be more easily used from my web page…..

What can we do? The best thing to do at this stage is for as many people as possible from the affected postcodes to register their interest in FTTC. This does not obligate anyone to have the service – it is simply asking to have it available to us when we do want it.

This can be done at the BT Openreach website:
Don’t forget to uncheck the two boxes at the bottom of the page if you don’t want to be contacted. If you do register, I would appreciate it if you would email me at fibre4us2@collinsho.me so that I can get an idea of how many registrations there are. In return, I will keep the website updated with any developments.

Please also sign my petition on this site. See the petition page.

If you prefer not to fill out the online form yourself, I can do it for you. Please see the “Register Interest” page for details of how to do this.

And finally – Thanks so much for reading. Again, if you want more information, and latest updates – http://tonycollinet.dyndns.org/fibre4us2/