Response from BT Openreach

I have emailed BT Openreach about Cabinet 8, and received the following reply:

Dear Mr Collins,


Thank you for your communication about the availability of Fibre Broadband at CAB 8, I am sorry to inform you that the upgrade of the CAB at this time falls outside of our current upgrade footprint.

Therefore, at this time, we cannot give any assurance that your cabinet will be upgraded.


As I’m sure you are aware, we are deploying one of the fastest and largest commercial deployments in the world. Our commercial deployment will have extended to 66% of the UK by the end of December 2014. We aim to extend this to 90% of the UK, in partnership with other sources of funding, e.g. local and National government. As your cabinet is not in the current footprint and in conjunction with other areas within the UK where cabinets are not commercially viable, Government funding is available to county councils and if you can, it is worth registering your interest with your local Council .


You may also wish to lobby your local councillor and MP on progress in your local area. You can also register your interest on the Openreach website at; which is also the best place to get information on our deployment. I am sorry to bring you this news and I appreciate it is frustrating but we are deploying Fibre Broadband using a commercial model and are currently not able to provide service to your cabinet on that basis at this time.

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